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Everything you need is available. We offer various terminals, mobile app, reporting tool, and robust online payment platform to manage your business payments with ease.
We encounter many customers that have the same process, however we challenge you to think about how many late or outstanding payments you have waiting for customers to pay you? What is the cost of this delay on the cash flow of your business? This can easily be solved with setting up a direct debit or storing CC details to ensure you are paid on time every time.
We are PCI compliant and use Amazon services. We need to maintain a high level of security to even operate in the payment space. United States is heavily regulated in the online CC space and that’s the way we like it as it ensures our customers details are always safe.
We have numerous integrations with CRM and operating softwares. Which operating system do you use and in what capacity do you use it? If we don’t currently have an integration into your software we can start the process of integration (as long as the software company enables API integration). We do charge for integration however the fees are much less than your traditional payment provider.
CloudBanking maintains one of the highest approval rates in the industry. With our free application you have nothing to lose.
Yes. After you receive your credit card terminal a representative from CloudBanking will train you on how to use the terminal. In addition, we offer a 24/7 customer service support line.
Interchange is the true cost of processing of a credit card transaction. The rates vary from card to card and are set by the card issuing banks.
Once your CloudBanking account is approved, you will receive a welcome notification email with details of how to access your statements online. If you still need assistance, please contact our Support Team at +1 415.223.8459.
Please call our Support Team at +1 415.223.8459 to connect with our specialist.
The funds collected are paid directly into your bank account. With CloudBanking, our fees are deducted automatically and we’ll send you an invoice for your fees.


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