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From our deep heritage in the payments industry, Cloud Banking saw a need for a revolution within the payments space and as a result, transformed into a Cashflow accelerator for our customers.

The Golden Rule for any business is ensuring you have great cash flow, but sometimes this can be hard to manage in a single place, as customers have multiple payment solutions they use in hope of getting customers to pay on-time.

Cloud Banking has developed a revolutionary end to end cash flow management solution, that ensures our customers are paid on-time, every time.

Starting in Australia and with the US and Europe quick to follow, we're bringing our customers a single and streamlined cash flow management solution that can manage all their payments from; direct debits, credit cards, e-commerce gateways and physical terminals (just to name a few), all from our user-friendly portal.

Our cashflow management system is designed to get our customer paid on-time, while reducing the administration cost required in chasing payments and reconciling them in their favourite accounting system.

So weather you are a start up, SME or an enterprise business, CloudBanking is your trusted end to end cashflow Solution.



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