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Why log into multiple systems to mange your cash-flow, payments & reconciliation? Join the Cloud Banking revolution today and get One System to manage all your payment and cash-flow needs.


Account Integration

Businesses rely on integrated solutions to provide cost effective means of leveraging technology. So, it’s important that your payment solution seamlessly integrates with your accounting software, after all no one wants to do it twice.

Cloud Banking’s Direct-to-Bank payment processing means we never touch your money. Our technology ensures your clients can pay your MYOB invoice quickly and easily.

Direct-to-Bank Technology

Cloud Banking provides our clients with a direct connection to our partner banks which means that Cloud Banking can provide a quick, secure and seamless front end to process your payments directly through the bank.

Importantly, we do not hold your money or touch it in any way, which allows Cloud Banking to process your money at the speed of Bank.

We pride ourselves on being able to settle money to our merchants within hours of the transaction.

When we mean same day settlement, we actually mean it!

Customer Communication Management

Cloud Banking's Automation can also benefit you when it comes to Customer Communications. Our platform can send scheduled & automatic SMS and Email communications to advise your customers that their direct debit will occur ``x`` days from today or advise them that their payment failed and has been rescheduled. Simple!


  • Single Platform
  • One Easy Fee Structure
  • Direct to Bank Technology
  • Fast


  • Secure PCI Level 1 Compliant Vault
  • Payments on any device, either BYO or use Ours.
  • Online, Card Present, Card Not present or in Person
  • FastSame Day Settlement


  • Improved Cash-Flow
  • Reduced Debtors
  • More Available cash in your business, Faster
  • Simple Reporting and Analytics

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