Automatically debit invoice payments on their due date

Streamline your Cashflow and payment collections and get paid ontime everytime.

How it Works in 4 Simple Steps

Learn how to automate your invoice payment collection with Cloud Banking and streamline your Cashflow today.

Easily On-Board Customers

Inviting a payer in Cloud Banking is easy - you can invite them via email or import them from your accounting system.


Customer completes a simple one-time enrollment

Your customer will have the ability to setup their profile and securely enter their Credit Card or Bank Account details, into their own Securely Encrypted Virtual Wallet.

Collect payments on your terms

Simply activate auto-billing for a customer and invoices will automatically be collected on their due dates. 


Customers are notified before every payment

Automatic email and SMS notifications are sent to remind customers of upcoming payments, to reduce awkward conversations with customers over failed payments.

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