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All your Payments!

Tried of login into multiple systems to manage all the ways your customers pay you?

At Cloud Banking we give you a single solution to manage and process all your payment methods.

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Sick of managing multiple payment systems?

... and then trying to reconcile them?

Using Cloud Banking's Direct-to-Bank Technology you get paid faster and reconcile the payment in your accounting platform automatically.

Simple. Payment. Solutions!

Virtual Terminal

Take a payment with any Internet enabled device.

Pay Now Buttons

MYOB invoicing just got easier. "Pay Now" buttons on the invoice, let your customers pay you NOW!

Recurring Payments

Automate those recurring payments & streamline your cashflow.

Direct Debits

Credit Card or Bank Account debits in one system, Yes Please! and I can pass the fees to the customer.... Perfect.

Shopping Cart

Faster Online Shop Payments. Let your customers pay you today!

Handheld or Counter top.

Your Choice! Cloud Banking gives you handheld or counter top hardware payment options to suit your business.

POS System

Fully Integrated into your POS Platform. Why do it twice!

Open API

Integrate Cloud Banking to your own application using our robust and open API.

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